Welcome to Pukeko Preschool Treehouse!

Why choose Pukeko Preschool Treehouse in Nawton?

Kia ora! Pukeko Preschool Treehouse is a loving Preschool in Nawton, Hamilton. Our highly qualified teachers offer large range of learning experiences for our children, exploring each child’s individual learning journey on the way to becoming ready for School!

Our curriculum develops from our children’s own interests, and although we are new you will already see the amazing creative things our children can do, if you come in for a visit.

Our children will love to show you our amazing treehouse which gives us a huge amount of outdoor playing area – more than the Ministry of Education Treehouse Sandpit 1requires for a Preschool of our size. Under the treehouse we have an all-weather outdoor playing area – so we can still get into our fun sand-pit, biking, woodwork and other typical ‘outdoor’ activities no matter what the weather!

Come and visit us any time, we would love to meet you and your family!

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