Frequently Asked Questions

JacobLate Pick-up Fees

We ask that children are picked up at the time that their enrolment stipulates. However we do understand that each day is different. If you need to pick up your child late we would love a courtesy phone call so we can prepare your child if required. You will be charged for the extra time that your child is at the Preschool under normal hourly fees.

If your child is still with us after closing time we will endeavour to contact you and any other person you have listed in your child’s enrolment form. However our teachers will have been working hard all day and have their own families to take care of, so for the safety of both the teachers and your child, if the child is not picked up within half an hour and we have not been able to contact you or any other emergency contact person, then we will drop the child to the local police station for you to collect. A child will NEVER be left unsupervised for any reason.

A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged for children picked up after closing time.


Parents are expected to provide sufficient nappies for the day for each child. Each child with nappies will have their own cubby hole in the bathroom (by the nappy changing table) where spare nappies can be stored – this is always a great help to us. We recommend that each nappy is named to reduce confusion. In this cubby hole you can also store extra items like specialised powder or creams for your child.

The Preschool provides wipes so there is no need to provide these for your child.

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Pick-up Rules – which parent?

In the interest of safety and security the only people who can pick up your child from Pukeko Preschool are people whose details have been included in the child’s enrolment form. If there is an emergency or a change you must contact us before the child is picked up to ensure that teachers are notified of the change.

If there is a person who is specifically not authorised to pick up your child, you will need to notify this to Pukeko Preschool in writing or on the enrolment form.

If any changes regarding the people who can and cannot pick up your child occur please contact us as soon as possible.

What your child needs

  • A food pack to provide enough food for the day – no drink is requires we will provide water and milk each day.
  • 2-3 changes of old clothes as we are keen on messy play and encourage children to participate fully. Please understand that when we say messy we mean messy – the best clothes for preschool come from the op-shop so if they get wrecked no one cries  ☺
  • Shoes and jackets – we will take children on outings and for these, shoes and jackets are required.
  • A sun hat – this is vital in summer (the Preschool provides sunscreen)
  • Any medication for your child (this needs to be registered into the medical book at the sign-in table – dated and signed). See our Medications Policy.

Please feel free to bring any item of interest to the Preschool that you think will help us in teaching the child more. We have had wonderful treasures brought in, such as:

  • A chrysalis (we watched the butterfly emerge), with some spare swan plants to feed the caterpillars - magical
  • A musical instrument, where the parent explained the instrument and played a little music to the children –beautiful
  • An old engine for the children to take apart with granddad coming along and supervising the process - brilliant
  • Items for managing a beehive (including the suit, a honey-frame, a smoker and some flowers that bees visit) with some honey to eat. Mum sat down with the children and talked how it all worked - fantastic

Any old resources are also always welcome – items like:

  • Spare paper or large cardboard rolls from your work
  • Untreated timber offcuts or unwanted nails for our woodwork table
  • Sturdy plastic containers from your kitchen (like coffee jars), milk bottle tops or egg cartons- we use these things in arts and crafts or in the sandbox
  • Spare fabric, tablecloths and scarfs
  • Any other goodies you think we could use 

Centre Policies and Information

Pukeko Preschool has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures. Each policy includes an explanation of why the policy is necessary, the details of the policy itself, as well as any associated procedures and forms and references to the ECE licensing criteria and Te Whāriki if appropriate. Here is a selection of some of our policies; the full set of policies is available to read at Preschool.